Portable hyperspectral rock analysis for accurate drill core logging

For mining companies who want to work efficiently while conforming to social distancing rules and travel restrictions, the geoLOGr is a hyperspectral rock analyzer that produces accurate and objective drill core logs for less than $10/meter in an automated and easy-to-use manner.

  • The geoLOGr is shipped to you in a box. Training to use the geoLOGr is conducted online, with continual, personalized support.

  • The geoLOGr can be operated by one technician. It adheres to social isolation rules, making it safe to start logging drill core again with a small crew.

  • The geoLOGr outputs are sent to those working remotely, making it easier for geologists working from home.

  • The geoLOGr outputs are customized and optimized for each deposit to ensure they meet your requirements.

  • The geoLOGr uses advanced hyperspectral data processing methods to produce some of the most objective and informative drill core logs in the world.


Save time!

Save money!

De-risk your project!


Why use geoLOGr?

With the geoLOGr, it is possible to objectively identify different rock and alteration types with unprecedented accuracy and precision. Featuring a compact design that allows for easy deployment, and highly customizable data analysis, the geoLOGr provides the information you need to produce superior drill core logs and 3D models, all at a competitive price.




How does the geoLOGr work?


The geoLOGr is deployed by the customer after training. Due to its compact design, the geoLOGr can be deployed at remote fly-in locations.


Transporting the GeoLOGr


GeoLOGr ready for shipping

Data Collection


The geoLOGr consists of an extendable and height-adjustable, wheel-based metal frame that carries a movable sensor-head, containing a short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectrometer and a digital photo-camera. After aligning the geoLOGr with the drill core using an alignment laser, the  sensor-head moves at constant speed over the entire length of the drill core, collecting continuous SWIR spectra along the center-line, in addition to high resolution photographs.

GeoLOGr At Work

The drill core is scanned row-by-row. An extendable frame allows the geoLOGr to be adjusted to drill core lengths up to 160 cm (5 ft). Using the ergonomic mast, which features robust handles and a holder for the control unit, the geoLOGr moves easily between drill core boxes that are laid out on the ground. Alternatively, the geoLOGr can be used as a table-top instrument. Around 250 meters of drill core can be scanned in a 8-hour shift. This means that the geoLOGr can scan around 5000 meters in a month or 60,000 meters in a year.


The Data

The geoLOGr collects around 400 high-resolution spectra per meter of drill core. With a measurement spot size of around 1.5 cm, a continuous and complete spectral profile is collected from the drill core along its center-line. High-resolution (35 micrometer/pixel) RGB photos of the drill core are collected simultaneously.


Data Analysis - Accurate, Convenient, Customizable

The geoLOGr comes with industry-leading data analysis, and no hyperspectral expertise is required to use it. Each project includes a two- to six-week customization phase, during which experienced spectral geologists tailor the deliverables to meet the customer’s requirements. After this customization phase, all data collected by the geoLOGr are uploaded to a cloud-based platform for automated processing so that customized outputs are returned to the customer rapidly. The hyperspectral data collected by the geoLOGr are processed according to industry-standard methods, but without the use of external spectral libraries. This allows for unprecedented achievements in accuracy, precision and sensitivity with regards to rock type identification.

Every project is different. That's why we work closely with our customers to create the optimal solution for their hyperspectral analysis needs.

Dr. Michelle Tappert, CEO of Hyperspectral Intelligence Inc.

geoLOGr - Features and Specifications
  • Size (L x W x H): 155 x 60 x 55 cm (contracted for transport),         225 x 60 x 120 cm (extended to maximum with mast attached)

  • Weight: 55 kg

  • Maximum drill core length: 160 cm

  • Spectrometer: SWIR (900-2500 nm) point spectrometer, 512 channels

  • Spectral data density: 300-500 spectra/m

  • Digital camera FOV: ~5 cm

  • Digital camera resolution: ~35 micron/pixel

  • Measurement capacity: ~250 m/day

  • Voltage: 120/240V

  • Electrical compliance: CE, CSA

  • Made in Germany


Purchasing and Price


Buy the geoLOGr to:

  • Add value to your projects by creating accurate drill core logs

  • Enjoy convenient data collection and data analysis

  • Save money with the most cost-efficient hyperspectral drill core analysis system, which can pay for itself within a year

For detailed information about the pricing and to request a quote, please contact us using the contact form or call us directly at +1-604-399-0019. 

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